About Us

About Us

Our company was established as a Limited Liability Company in 1998 to operate in the fields of Health and Environmental Protection and continues its activities in the sector by becoming a Joint Stock Company in 2016.

It produces cutting and piercing Waste Boxes, blood-urine - gaita transport sets, hazardous waste handling containers, types of medical waste bags, waste separation sets, non-woven hospital textiles and medical consumables used in the health sector. By evaluating the demands from health organizations and corporate consumers, it designs and manufactures the products that are most suitable for its intended use.

Our marketing, sales and shipping departments provide uninterrupted and timely service to all parts of Turkey and to exports.

Our goal is to expand our service network in the domestic market, increase our share in the foreign market and increase product diversity in line with our R&D activities.

According to our vision, our company fulfills the requirements of the age by certifying its quality with ADR UN 3291, TSE EN 23907-1, ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management, TS ISO 45001 Occupational Health and safety management systems, ISO 13485 certificates.

Our company has a 3-year investment incentive certificate received in 2018. On-site engineering staff, especially separation of waste at source, packaging, and transfer: (materials integrated waste management) R&D work in doing the suitable products for the purpose of innovation policy designs, conducts carried out by always targeting to be the Pioneer.

Success is to produce deep-rooted solutions " slogan on the road, every day by renewing itself, true, signing new successes, solid steps, continues on the path.



• Cutting and Punching Medical Waste Boxes
• Dangerous and Pathological Waste Containers
• Dangerous and Pathological Waste Transport Vehicles • Treatment Trays
• Blood Sampleand Gaita Sample Transport Kit
• Emergency Bags
• Cotton Box
• Mobile and Stationary Waste Separation Sets
• Hospital Textile
• Non Woven Cloths and Medical Clothes




Marketing Sales Director


Project Sales & Foreign Trade Manager


Production Planning Manager

We continue on our way with the motto” success is finding long term solutions ” without compromising our accuracy, our determination to work and to achieve success with the aim of signing new successes.…

Fetih Mahallesi, Sarıkamış Sk. No:52 Ataşehir - İstanbul
+90 (216) 470 86 70
+90 (216) 470 99 07
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